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Super post, Tom. Question (one I seem to be asking a lot): Where in the fund's thesis does the health angel play out? I mean, most of the 'lifestyle diseases' crippling society are very closely associated with diets high in animal products (and processed crap generally). Are you banking on the opportunity for 'optimisation' of the products coming out of the breweries (i.e. replacing a bunch of saturated fat with something that is likely to reduce, rather than contribute inflammation)?

Would love to get your perspective on this. I realise it's nuanced and might require some decent unpacking...

An empowering and concise ending. Thoughtful and well referenced content too. I'll be sure to share this with plenty of folks.

Although I've commented on the fly as I've read through this, I've finished feeling a little like much of the great work from folks like Kate Raworth could have been better utilised. I mean, if we go a layer (or many) deeper, and "change the goals of the system" and transcend paradigms etc.

I say this because you call out capitalism (more specifically, I'm assuming, neoliberalism) as the cause of why things are so screwed up. I'm wondering why anti-trust was the 'treatment' you are pushing...? Is this merely pragmatic (relative to designing a 'doughnut economy' this might seem 'easy').

Would really love to hear more about why you opted for this relative to other proposals or opportunties to make things better?

Nathan Kinch

Nathan Kinch

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